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Katy Perry Ditches Top on Live Show, Resorting to Cushion for Cover-Up

Katy Perry is known for her closeness and naturalness with the public, apart from her music. During the latest episode of the American television show ‘American Idol’, she had a memorable moment. The artist wore a metallic top that resembled Zendaya’s look from a few weeks ago. Before the program started, Katy commented on social media, “If you see a shark, you have a brain.”

Despite her initial confidence, Katy experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the live show. The grip on her top came loose, almost causing her to be exposed. With her usual sense of humor, Katy joked, “I need the top to stay on. If we don’t fix it, this show is going to get more than what I wanted,” while the attendees rushed to fix the issue.

To avoid any further mishaps, Katy decided to hide under the table where she sits with her fellow jurors and placed a cushion in front of her for extra security. This move elicited laughter from everyone present on the set.

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