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Katy Perry’s Top Moments on American Idol

Accidents in famous women’s dressing rooms seem to be a trend lately, starting with Emma Stone’s dress mishap at the Oscars. The latest incident involves Katy Perry whose blouse tore while she was on American Idol.

The singer and partner of actor Orlando Bloom shared a video on her social media showing the production team coming to her aid when her chrome-style blouse came loose at the back while she was seated at the jury table of the reality show.

As the 39-year-old songwriter struggled to cover up, she jokingly mentioned, “It’s a family show,” while hiding her bust behind the table she shares with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

In a behind-the-scenes video on her Instagram account, Perry is seen saying, “My top broke,” and expressing her need for it to stay on. She even threatened the crew jokingly that if it’s not fixed, the show might get more than it wanted.

About three hours before the incident, Katy Perry shared a photo of herself modeling her evening look for the show, adding a playful caption. Orlando Bloom also joined in on the fun by commenting humorously on the abstract shape of her blouse.

Before the top 14 contender Roman Collins took the stage to perform, the incident occurred which added a comedic touch to the evening. Bryan and Richie also made light-hearted jokes about the situation, teasing that the ratings would skyrocket.

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