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Keanu Reeves Cast as Shadow in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ Movie

He probably doesn’t talk much, and that’s why we can’t think of a better actor to lend his voice.

Keanu Reeves will be Shadow in 'Sonic the Movie 3'
Keanu Reeves has already worked as a voice actor in ‘Animatrix’ or ‘Toy Story 4’

December 20th will arrive faster than we expect, almost as fast as Sonic, the famous porcupine and Sega mascot, runs. That is also the date chosen for the premiere of Sonic the Movie 3 whose main novelty will be the inclusion of Shadow, one of the antagonists of the blue hedgehog and without a doubt the best creation of Dr. Robotnik.

A Robotnik who, as on the two previous occasions, will be played by Jim Carrey, who will once again be accompanied by the actors who will return to lend their voice – Ben Schwartz as Sonic, Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Miles “Tails” Power, and Idris Elba as the echidna Knuckles, who is also about to release his series for Paramount+.

Now, furthermore, Keanu Reeves will join them, who will give his voice to Shadow in the original version of the film, as they have stated in The John Campea Show Podcast. This information has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter through its sources.

Shadow is an important character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. He is a black and red anthropomorphic hedgehog created by the mad scientist Dr. Gerald Robotnik as the Ultimate Way of Life in an attempt to replicate Sonic’s abilities using the DNA of Black Doom, leader of the alien Black Arms. Shadow possesses similar abilities to Sonic, including superhuman speed, but also has unique abilities such as the ability to manipulate Chaos Control, a technique that allows him control time and space.

Initially, Shadow was presented as a mysterious and lonely character with a more serious and dark attitude in contrast to Sonic’s cheerful and optimistic attitude. Throughout the series, his role has varied from antagonist to Sonic’s ally, depending on the story and circumstances, especially in the later titles.

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