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Kobe Reverse Grinch Release Date Updates and Other Details

Kobe Reverse Grinch Release Date Updates and Other Details

Kobe Reverse Grinch Release Date Updates and Other Details

Kobe Reverse Grinch Release Date Updates and Other Details

As the year 2023 progresses, the anticipation within the sneaker community builds, especially with the upcoming release of the Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Reverse Grinch”. This sneaker is a festive twist on the iconic Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch”, which was originally released back in 2010 and worn by Kobe Bryant during a Christmas Day game. The new iteration is set to drop on December 15, 2023, and is expected to captivate Kobe fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

Exciting New Features

The Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Reverse Grinch” features a vibrant color palette of Bright Crimson and Electric Green, which effectively inverts the original “Grinch” colorway. The upper of the shoe showcases a Crimson snakeskin texture, complemented by a black Nike Swoosh and Electric Green laces. This design not only honors the legacy of Kobe Bryant but also adds a fresh twist to a beloved sneaker model.

The sneakers will be available in both adult and kids’ sizes, with prices set at $190 and $125 respectively. Interested buyers can look for these shoes at select Nike Basketball retailers and on the Nike SNKRS app. A special reservation opportunity through the Nike SNKRS Pass was also available on December 14th, providing a chance for enthusiasts to secure their pair ahead of the official release.

Where to Purchase

For those looking to cop a pair of the “Reverse Grinch”, it’s advisable to keep an eye on the Nike SNKRS app and major sneaker retailers like Foot Locker. The shoes are expected to be in high demand, so staying updated through social media channels and sneaker news websites will be crucial to increase your chances of obtaining a pair.

Additionally, following accounts like @sneakernews and @kicksfinder on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram can provide real-time updates and alerts about the availability of these and other hot sneaker releases.

Background and Legacy

The original Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch” debuted during a memorable Christmas Day matchup in 2010, where Kobe Bryant’s performance and his eye-catching shoes stole the show. This release became one of the most celebrated holiday-themed sneakers ever, making the “Reverse Grinch” highly anticipated among both long-time fans and new collectors.

The “Reverse Grinch” is not just a sneaker; it’s a nod to the past and a celebration of Kobe Bryant’s enduring impact on basketball and sneaker culture. It’s a testament to the creativity and innovation that continues to thrive in the sneaker industry, inspired by one of the sport’s greatest legends.

Looking Ahead

As the release date approaches, the excitement only intensifies. The Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Reverse Grinch” is more than just a shoe; it’s a collector’s item and a piece of basketball history. Whether you’re a sneakerhead, a Kobe fan, or both, December 15th is a date to mark on your calendar.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the rollout of this exciting release. With additional drops and special editions likely in the pipeline, the legacy of Kobe Bryant’s signature sneakers is far from over.


When is the Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Reverse Grinch” releasing?
The sneakers are set to release on December 15, 2023.

How much will the “Reverse Grinch” cost?
The retail price is set at $190 for adults and $125 for kids.

Where can I buy the Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Reverse Grinch”?
They will be available on the Nike SNKRS app and at select Nike Basketball retailers.

Will there be a reservation opportunity for the “Reverse Grinch”?
Yes, there was a Nike SNKRS Pass reservation on December 14th, a day before the official release.

What are the main features of the “Reverse Grinch”?
The sneaker features a Bright Crimson and Electric Green color scheme with a snakeskin texture upper and a black Nike Swoosh.

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