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La Casa de los Famosos 4: Revealing the Complete List of Eliminated Contestants, Finalists, and the Anticipated Grand Finale

The House of the Famous 4 is a reality show on Telemundo that has become the highlight of prime time Hispanic television since its premiere. This edition has been the most successful and captivating, with participants who have garnered public attention and stirred up emotions, reflecting the drama experienced inside the house.

Despite criticism for the verbal violence in the show, fans are still glued to their screens and social media to follow the events of this “real life soap opera.”

This week’s nominees for elimination are Rodrigo Romeh, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Maripily Rivera, and Patricia Corcino. Patricia is a favorite to return to the house, while Romeh is currently the least voted. The leaked list on the Internet correctly predicted the order of elimination so far.

The list of eliminated contestants includes Christian Estrada, Leslie Gallardo, Fernando Lozada, Thalí García, Mariana Gonzalez, Gregorio Pernía, Sophie Durand, Carlos Gómez, Robbie Mora, La Bebeshita, Guty Carrera, Alfredo Adame, The Bronca, Serrath, The Divaza, Rodrigo Romeh, Aleska Génesis, Paulo Quevedo, Molasses, Alana Bunk Beds, and Patricia Corcino.

The five finalists are predicted to be Ariadna Gutierrez, Clovis Nienow, Cristina Porta, Maripily Rivera, and Lupillo Rivera. The public anticipates Maripily Rivera or Clovis Nienow to win the grand prize, with Clovis being likened to past winners who entertained with humor and characters.

Many believe that a man could win La Casa de los Famosos for the first time, following in the footsteps of Omar Chaparro who won Big Brother México in 2003. The competition is heating up as the 12th elimination approaches, with fans eagerly awaiting the final results.

For more updates on Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos 4, stay tuned for the latest news and developments surrounding the show.

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