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Larissa Graniello Undertakes Her Most Important Project: Building Her Own House

The host of “Long live the morning” shared photos of how advanced the construction of the home where she will live with her partner Hans and her son Gianmarco is.

By J. Barrera
Abr 16, 2024- 14:58

Without providing further details, Larissa Graniello shared the progress of the construction of her property on Instagram.

Through a photo carousel, the presenter of TCS’s “Long live the morning” shared images of her, her partner Hans Pinto, and her son Gianmarco surrounded by concrete blocks and iron columns.

“These photographs are to remind us that small steps also lead to big dreams. Our most important project right now, with the essential touch, a lot of patience” Larissa wrote alongside the snapshots.

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Larissa Graniello

It is worth mentioning that in the post, the beautiful Salvadoran host does not reveal what the project is about, although several of her followers believe that it is her new house that she is building.

Larissa Graniello

Other admirers congratulated her on this new achievement and wished her and her family many blessings.

“First, God will soon fulfill his beautiful dream. Greetings with a lot of love to Gianmarco, it is very nice”, “May God’s blessing and his protection not depart from your lives and his precious home. You deserve all the happiness. Hugs”, “May God guide every step and enlighten you to fulfill all your dreams like the big little family you are. Blessings”, “Best wishes for your project, Lari”, “Gianmarco is very beautiful. Blessings on all his projects. It will be a beautiful house with a beautiful family” and “God bless his new home, @larissagraniello, much prosperity”, are some of the good wishes that followers wrote in the comment box.


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