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Latino Reveals Two Crucial Mistakes No Migrant Should Make Upon Arrival in the US

A Latino migrant shared his mistakes upon arriving in the United States and shared his experience to guide others. Anthony Rivera mentioned getting carried away by excitement when he first received his paycheck, leading him to spend unnecessarily on clothes, accumulating $8,000 worth of items in his closet.

Reflecting on his spending, Anthony advised against splurging on material possessions like designer clothes and expensive gadgets, as they do not impress others in the US and recommended saving and working hard towards goals instead.

He also cautioned against buying vehicles on credit, opting to purchase his car in cash after a thorough inspection by a mechanic. Anthony highlighted the financial responsibility and long-term commitment that comes with buying a car on credit, advising others to avoid this route.

Anthony shared his insights on TikTok, addressing the mistakes he made and offering valuable advice to other migrants and workers in the US.

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