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Laura Flores Remembers the Soap Opera Actor Whose Kisses Were “Very Delicious”

Laura Flores is a beloved actress known for her roles in successful soap operas. Recently, she revealed some fond memories of kisses shared with her co-stars. During an interview, Laura discussed her current work in the soap opera “My life is your life” produced by Angelli Nesma.

Since her debut in 1980, Laura has portrayed memorable characters that have endeared her to audiences, even though she now resides in the United States. Despite being away from Mexican soap operas, she continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Mexican fans.

Laura also mentioned her passion for running a dog grooming business, which has been profitable during the pandemic. She expressed her desire to expand the business beyond her home garage, where she currently operates.

During the interview, Laura shared an incident where a fellow actress belittled her for balancing her acting career with pet grooming. Despite the criticism, Laura remained proud of her work and expressed her happiness in pursuing both passions.

Laura also discussed her favorite on-screen kisses with actors such as René Strickler, Jorge Luis Pila, and Sergio Moore. She praised Strickler for not only being a great kisser but also a respectful and professional co-worker.

She candidly revealed that some actors tried to take advantage of intimate scenes by being overly aggressive, causing discomfort. Laura emphasized the importance of respect and professionalism in such situations.

Laura Flores’ insights into her career and personal experiences offer a glimpse into the life of a renowned actress and businesswoman, challenging stereotypes and celebrating her diverse talents.

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