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Leonel Affirms Situation in Haiti Continues to Threaten Security in the Dominican Republic

Former Dominican President Leonel Fernández stated that the situation in Haiti poses a significant risk to the internal security of the Dominican Republic due to the uncontrollable criminal activities of armed gangs. He made these comments during a press conference while discussing the formation of the Presidential Transition Council. The Council was officially established after a decree was published in the official bulletin Le Moniteur, following some struggles in its formation. Fernández mentioned that the gangs themselves wanted to be part of the Council, which led to tensions and an attempted takeover of the Presidential Palace in March.

Since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July 2021, Haiti has experienced a collapse of the State, with armed gangs gaining control of parts of the territory. The international community has been called upon to intervene to address the power vacuum and instability in the country. There is a push for the creation of a presidential council to restore order and prepare for elections in 2026.

Fernández highlighted the importance of stability in Haiti, particularly during the presence of Minustah troops deployed by the United Nations between 2004 and 2017. He emphasized that the mission contributed to political and economic stability in Haiti, with billions of dollars in revenue generated through goods and services consumption. However, challenges arose following the withdrawal of the troops, leading to ongoing political instability.

Despite calls for a potential return of a UN mission to Haiti, the current situation remains uncertain. Fernández expressed concerns about the resistance to such a mission and emphasized the need to observe how events unfold in the country.

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