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‘Let It Be’ Documentary Set to Be Restored

Peter Jackson will be in charge of cleaning the image and sound of the documentary ‘Let It Be’ after working on ‘Get Back’ previously. The Beatles will never go out of style, as demonstrated by this documentary recovered 4 decades after their disappearance. The band officially disbanded in 1970, but their legacy endures to this day. Fans celebrate any release, even a song from an unfinished demo. Their music is just one aspect of their appeal – fans are also interested in their conflicts, the creation process, and the band dynamics.

Each member will have their own biographical film in the coming years, emphasizing Disney+’s upcoming restoration of ‘Let It Be’. The documentary will be available exclusively on the platform from May 8. Peter Jackson, known for directing ‘The Lord of the Rings’, took on the task of restoring the film with the same technology used for ‘Get Back’.

Peter Jackson expressed his excitement for the project, stating, “I am absolutely thrilled that Michael’s film, ‘Let It Be’, has been restored and is finally being re-released after being unavailable for decades. ‘Let It Be’ completes the story of ‘Get Back’, as the two projects support and complement each other. ‘Let It Be’ is the climax of ‘Get Back’, providing a missing context for the 1970 documentary.”

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