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Linda Hamilton, star of Terminator, reveals why she has no plans to reprise her role as Sarah Connor

The Terminator saga is currently facing a challenging moment. Despite efforts from James Cameron to create new installments and explore AI, platforms like Netflix are seeking new ideas through animation and different formats. However, the iconic character of Sarah Connor, portrayed by Linda Hamilton, may not make a return under any circumstances.

Linda Hamilton has been vocal about her reluctance to reprise her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via ComicBook), Hamilton humorously expressed her stance on returning to the series. She jokingly mentioned that the best scenario would be for an AI to write the script for the new Terminator movie and have her character killed off before filming even begins. She also reflected on her experience filming “Dark Fate,” stating that it was a demanding shoot for her at the age of 63.

Although Hamilton appreciated her time working on “Dark Fate” with director Tim Miller and co-stars Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes, she has made it clear that she believes her time playing Sarah Connor has come to an end. Despite her attachment to the franchise, she feels that it is best to move on from the character and allow the saga to evolve in new and unexpected ways.

With Sarah Connor unlikely to return in future installments of the Terminator series, both due to Hamilton’s personal reasons and Cameron’s desire to take the storyline in different directions, fans may have to say goodbye to this beloved character. As the franchise continues to evolve, the absence of Sarah Connor marks a significant change in the Terminator mythology. Only time will tell if this decision proves to be the right move for the future of the saga.

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