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Lisa Frankenstein Release Date Updates and Other Details

Lisa Frankenstein Release Date Updates and Other Details

Lisa Frankenstein Release Date Updates and Other Details

Lisa Frankenstein Release Date Updates and Other Details

As the cinematic landscape continues to evolve, one of the most anticipated releases of 2024 is the horror-comedy “Lisa Frankenstein.” Directed by Zelda Williams in her directorial debut and penned by Diablo Cody, known for her unique narrative style, the film promises to blend elements of romance, horror, and comedy in a refreshingly modern take on the classic Frankenstein tale.

The film stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, who bring to life a story about a teenage outcast and a reanimated corpse finding love in the most unusual circumstances. Set against a backdrop that echoes the quirky and dark humor of the 80s, “Lisa Frankenstein” is poised to captivate audiences with its unique premise and nostalgic influences.

Official Release and Theatrical Details

Mark your calendars! “Lisa Frankenstein” is set to hit theaters on February 9, 2024, just in time for Valentine’s Day, offering a perfect counter-programming choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional romantic fare. The film is released by Focus Features in the United States, ensuring that it receives a robust promotional push.

As of now, the film is exclusively available in theaters. This initial theatrical release will be crucial for gauging audience reactions and box office performance, which could influence subsequent availability on streaming platforms.

Streaming Availability

While “Lisa Frankenstein” starts its journey in theaters, plans for digital release are already set. As a Focus Features film, it will first make its way to Peacock, following a four-month theatrical window. This strategy allows the film to reach a wider audience who may prefer streaming from the comfort of their homes. After its stint on Peacock, the film will then be available on Amazon Prime Video, thanks to a deal between Universal and Amazon made in 2021.

Plot and Inspiration

“Lisa Frankenstein” is not just a horror-comedy; it’s a narrative rich with layers of character development and thematic depth. The story revolves around Lisa, a misunderstood teenager who, through a series of dark yet comical events, resurrects a Victorian-era corpse. The plot thickens as the duo embarks on a bizarre journey involving love, revenge, and the quest for acceptance, all while assembling the necessary body parts for Lisa’s resurrected love interest.

The film draws heavily from the 1980s’ style and sensibilities, paying homage to both the horror genre and the decade’s unique approach to storytelling. Diablo Cody’s script promises to deliver a mix of witty dialogue, poignant moments, and genuine scares, making it a multifaceted film that appeals to a diverse audience.

Cast and Crew

The casting of Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse is a nod to the film’s youthful spirit and gothic themes. Newton’s portrayal of Lisa is expected to add depth to the character’s emotional and macabre journey, while Sprouse’s role as the reanimated corpse will showcase his ability to navigate both romantic and horrific elements. Supporting performances from Liza Soberano, Joe Chrest, and Carla Gugino are anticipated to enrich the narrative, providing a solid foundation for the leading duo.

Under Zelda Williams’ direction, the film is expected to resonate with fans of horror and comedy alike, with Diablo Cody’s screenplay providing the sharp and engaging dialogue she is known for. The collaboration between Williams and Cody, along with a talented cast, sets the stage for a memorable cinematic experience.


“Lisa Frankenstein” is shaping up to be a standout film in the horror-comedy genre, offering a unique twist on a classic story while staying true to the elements that fans love about the 80s’ cinematic style. With its intriguing plot, talented cast, and strategic release schedule, the film is poised to become a favorite among those who appreciate a good blend of laughter, love, and scares.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When is “Lisa Frankenstein” releasing?
    The film is set to release in theaters on February 9, 2024.
  • Where can I watch “Lisa Frankenstein” after its theatrical run?
    After its theatrical release, “Lisa Frankenstein” will be available on Peacock and later on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Who are the main actors in “Lisa Frankenstein”?
    Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse play the lead roles in the film.
  • What is the plot of “Lisa Frankenstein”?
    The film follows a teenage girl who resurrects a Victorian-era corpse, leading to a darkly comedic and romantic adventure.
  • Who directed “Lisa Frankenstein”?
    Zelda Williams directed the film, marking her feature-length directorial debut.

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