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Live Coverage of Trump Hush-Money Trial: Judge Criticizes Ex-President’s Lawyer for Losing Credibility in Gag Order Hearing | Donald Trump’s Legal Troubles

The article discusses how Donald Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, is claiming that re-posting does not violate the gag order imposed on Trump. However, Judge Merchan expressed his frustration, telling Blanche that he is losing credibility with the court. The judge is reserving his decision on the prosecution’s contempt request. Blanche argued that re-posting articles from news sites does not violate the gag order. The prosecution is seeking a fine rather than jail time for Trump’s violations. The prosecutor argued that Trump knowingly violated the parameters of the gag order.

Overall, the court proceedings are focused on whether Trump violated the gag order and the evidence presented by the prosecution shows that Trump was aware of the order but still flouted it. Trump’s lawyer defended his actions by claiming he was responding to political attacks. The article also mentions Trump’s behavior outside of the courtroom, where he refused to answer questions about his gag order and criticized pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Trump’s fatigue and body language during the court proceedings are also highlighted. After the contempt hearing, David Pecker is expected to return as a witness to further testify against Trump regarding hush-money payments.


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