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López Obrador Accuses UN of Inaction in ‘Glas Case’: “If They Fail to Act, They Will be Empty Vessels”

President López Obrador has refused to respond to the statements made by the president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, in which he claims not to feel sorry for the assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito, on April 5. “There is no comment, because this matter is not frivolous,” the Mexican president said this Tuesday during his morning conference after being questioned about Noboa’s response, who, in addition, jokingly invited him in that same interview “to eat ceviche and tacos the moment it is ready.” López Obrador, visibly upset, has settled the matter and has insisted on the temporary expulsion of Ecuador from the United Nations.

“Zero regrets,” responded Daniel Noboa to a question from an Australian television journalist SBS News, about the assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito. The presenter began the interview with the president by asking him the “obvious question,” which Noboa complemented: “I think we are on the right side of history.” Furthermore, when he was questioned about the scenario of a solution to this diplomatic crisis, Noboa responded: “I will invite López Obrador to eat a ceviche, and we can probably also eat some tacos and talk, when he is ready.”

The Mexican president did not want to delve into the matter and has insisted that his Government is holding talks to take Ecuador before the International Court of Justice: “Let the Court resolve this and let that resolution go to the general assembly of the United Nations, which is voted on, it is put to the consideration of all member countries. And if it is approved, it should be applied and the UN Council should not have the right to veto,” he explained. “Because if this is not done, the UN will remain like a vase. “Nothing more than decoration,” he stated.

López Obrador has assured that the assault by the Ecuadorian security forces on the Mexican embassy, ​​and the sanctions that must be taken against Ecuador, will serve as a precedent so that International Law is not violated again. “Our approach is aimed at temporarily expelling him, as long as there is no apology, and Ecuador’s commitment to non-repetition, and at the same time, that if this occurs again in any country, there is already a procedure,” he said.

Furthermore, the president insisted on the importance of the figure of political asylum and the right of States to carry it out with the support of International Law: “Those persecuted for political reasons must be supported and protected. “It is part of our foreign policy tradition and that has to be defended,” he assured.

The images of the assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito, from inside the premises, were revealed by López Obrador himself in his morning conference last week. The recording shows a dozen police officers with long weapons entering the headquarters, jumping over the walls and breaking down the access door. Once inside, they can be seen mistreating and pointing guns at Mexican officials while dragging former Vice President Jorge Glas out. The brutality of the irruption even changed the lukewarm position that the United States had had towards the assault, and led Joe Biden’s Government to condemn what happened.

The Government of Ecuador has argued that the decision to forcibly enter the Embassy is because Glas has two final sentences for which he must spend eight years in prison, of which he has only served five. “Jorge Glas had a sentence, a fair trial. And he had to be in jail. “That is what our justice determined,” Noboa responded. “I don’t regret anything,” he insisted.

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