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Lucero’s Famous Children Amaze with Unforgettable Talent

Edward Capetillo Jr, Joss Alvarez, Star Mijares, Mia Rubin, and Grinding Carmona posed happily in the first episode of the singing competition show. The show airs on Univision in the United States and premieres in Mexico on Las Estrellas this Sunday.

The superstar Jennifer Lopez dazzled the streets of New York with her unmatched style. She was captured wearing a casual but elegant outfit, which included a Hermès Birkin bag in crocodile skin valued at $300,000.

The actress and businesswoman Adriana Cataño triumphed at the New You Beauty Awards, winning the ‘Best Newbie Beauty’ award for her Bakuchiol You Go Serum. She dedicated the award to her daughter, Gabriella Cataño-Salinas, who accompanied her at the ceremony.

Becky G brightened up Patrón El Alto’s exclusive Coachella event with her presence and an electrifying performance alongside Featherweight.

Susana Gonzalez and Valentino Lanus were spotted filming a soap opera scene for Your Life is My Life, a production of Angelelli Nesma airing on Las Estrellas in Mexico and Univision in the United States.

Cierra Ramirez dazzled at an 818 Tequila party during the first weekend of Coachella. Radiant and full of energy, Ramirez enjoyed a memorable evening in the company of friends and celebrities.

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