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Lupillo Rivera: The Controversial “Strategist” from The House of the Famous 4 – Primera Hora

Lupillo Rivera is causing quite a stir as the controversial “strategist” on the reality show The House of the Famous 4.

In a recent episode, Lupillo Rivera had a heated confrontation with Romeh on La Casa de los Famosos, which made headlines in The Arizona Republic.

Following Ariadna Gutiérrez’s elimination from the show, Lupillo Rivera expressed his indifference towards her on Telemundo.

Lupillo Rivera’s daughter penned an emotional open letter after Ariadna’s elimination, as reported by People in Spanish.

After receiving harsh statements from Romeh and Ariadna, Lupillo Rivera broke down in tears, leaving fans wondering if he will leave The House of the Famous, as reported by TVNote.

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