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Maduro’s Proposal to Amend Constitution Includes Life Imprisonment for Opposition, Targets ‘Reddish’ Rivals

Nicolás Maduro reiterated his proposal to reform the Venezuelan Constitution on Monday, April 15, advocating for the introduction of life imprisonment as a punitive measure and targeting the fight against corruption.

During his program ConMaduro+, Maduro shared that he had conducted a detailed study comparing the application of life imprisonment in various countries across Latin America, Europe, and the United States. He believes that this measure is essential to strengthen the State and its ability to punish and deter criminal activities, particularly corruption.

Maduro emphasized the importance of enhancing the State and its ability to deter immoral behavior and corruption, stating that this is crucial for his fight against these issues.

He also mentioned that any constitutional amendment or reform would be subject to a popular consultation to ensure that the people have a say in the decision-making process.

Regarding the investigations into corruption at PDVSA involving Tsar Tareck El Aissami, Maduro claimed significant progress and highlighted the need to punish those responsible with the maximum penalties prescribed by the Penal Code. He also condemned the use of cryptocurrency assets as a means to conceal stolen funds.

Maduro accused Sunacrip, an organization created to regulate cryptocurrencies, of being infiltrated by criminals who are stealing from the people. He expressed his disdain for traitors who misuse public funds for personal gain.

These statements from Maduro have sparked controversy and raised concerns among critics who fear that these measures could be used to suppress political opponents and further curtail civil liberties in Venezuela.

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