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Man’s Emotional Support Alligator with Large Social Media Following has Disappeared

A man from Pennsylvania, Joie Henney, is desperately searching for his emotional support alligator named Wally, who went missing during a vacation in Georgia. Henney has thousands of social media followers who adore Wally, and the alligator has even gained attention for being denied entry to a baseball game. Despite pranksters leaving Wally outside and being trapped by authorities, Henney believes someone stole his beloved alligator. While there have been no police reports filed, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources responded to a nuisance alligator report on the day Wally disappeared. Keeping alligators without a permit is illegal in Georgia. Wildlife biologist Mixon warns that even docile alligators can be dangerous. In areas where owning alligators is legal, they can be considered emotional support animals.


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