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Marc Gabelli Net Worth

Marc Gabelli Net Worth

Marc Gabelli’s Net Worth and Insider Trading Insights

Marc Gabelli’s Net Worth and Insider Trading Insights

As of late April 2024, Marc Gabelli’s estimated net worth is reported to be at least $2 million. This valuation primarily stems from his significant holdings in two major companies where he serves as a director: LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc. His financial involvement and insider trading activities provide a fascinating glimpse into the strategies of a seasoned investor.

Significant Holdings and Investments

Marc Gabelli holds a substantial number of shares in LGL Group Inc, with his stake valued at approximately $2 million, representing a dominant 98.73% of his total portfolio. Additionally, he owns a smaller amount of shares in GAMCO Investors Inc, valued at around $27,709, which accounts for about 1.27% of his investment portfolio. These holdings underscore his investment strategy and confidence in these entities.

The details of these investments are crucial for understanding the financial landscape in which Gabelli operates. His role as a director in these companies not only allows him strategic oversight but also positions him to potentially influence the companies’ future directions.

Insider Trading Activities

According to the latest SEC filings, Marc Gabelli has been relatively inactive in terms of recent transactions within the companies he is involved with. The most recent recorded transaction for LGL Group Inc was an acquisition of 23 shares back in September 2010, costing around $460. For GAMCO Investors Inc, no recent transactions have been recorded since a sale of shares in November 2014, which did not result in any financial gain.

This lack of recent activity could suggest a strategy of holding onto his investments long-term, possibly indicating his belief in the steady growth or stable earnings of these companies. It’s also a reminder of the cautious approach that can characterize insider trading, where significant moves are often calculated and based on insider knowledge of the company’s potential future performance.

Performance and Market Comparison

Analysis of Marc Gabelli’s trading performance reveals mixed results. While the average return of stocks bought by him after three months is a modest 0.61%, his transactions have not consistently outperformed the market. In fact, his transactions have outperformed the market in only 3 out of 8 instances when compared to the S&P 500 over the same period.

This performance metric is crucial as it provides insight into the effectiveness of Gabelli’s investment choices in the short term compared to broader market movements. Investors and analysts often use such comparisons to gauge an insider’s knack for timing the market and selecting potent investments.

Broader Implications of Insider Holdings

Marc Gabelli’s investment decisions, particularly in LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc, are significant not only for their monetary value but also for what they signal about his confidence in these companies’ futures. For other investors, Gabelli’s movements can serve as a bellwether for the health and prospects of these firms.

Moreover, his strategy of maintaining a stable portfolio with minimal recent sales or purchases might suggest a long-term confidence in his current holdings, or a wait-and-see approach in a volatile market. This could influence other investors who look to seasoned insiders like Gabelli for market cues.

Contact and Further Information

Those interested in following Marc Gabelli’s investment strategies or learning more about his role in LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc can find additional details through SEC filings and corporate disclosures. His mailing address is publicly listed as 401 Theodore Fremd Ave, Rye NY 10580, providing a direct line for professional inquiries.


  • What is Marc Gabelli’s net worth?
    Marc Gabelli’s estimated net worth is at least $2 million as of April 2024.
  • What companies does Marc Gabelli have significant investments in?
    He has significant holdings in LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc.
  • Has Marc Gabelli been active in trading his holdings recently?
    No, the most recent transactions date back several years, indicating a more static investment strategy.
  • How does Marc Gabelli’s market performance compare to the S&P 500?
    His transactions have outperformed the S&P 500 in 3 out of 8 instances over a specified period.
  • Where can one contact Marc Gabelli?
    Marc Gabelli can be contacted at his mailing address: 401 Theodore Fremd Ave, Rye NY 10580.

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