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Marcelo Tinelli addresses controversy with Tini Stoessel: “It saddens me because I admire her”

A few days ago, the release of the new album “Un mechón de pelo” by Tini Stoessel has been generating buzz due to the confessional nature of its songs. In one song, she touched on the conflict between her father, Alejandro Stoessel, and Marcelo Tinelli. The host has now come forward to address the issue, stating that he holds no ill will towards the singer or her father.

Marcelo Tinelli reassured everyone, saying, “Everything is more than fine with Alejandro. I have a lot of affection for him. When he was admitted to Trinidad, I was one of the first people he called. I made sure to check on his health. Despite any legal issues or how each family may have dealt with the situation, everything is okay from my side,” he said on LAM.

He also mentioned the bond that exists between the artist and his daughters. “Regarding Tini, I admire her as a singer and professional. My daughters love her and were aware of the topic she was going to address. Tini even spoke to my two eldest daughters, who told me to let it go as she needed to go through her own process. I completely understand,” he shared, following Cande Tinelli’s discomfort with the situation.

Marcelo Tinelli expressed his admiration for Tini Stoessel as an artist and emphasized that he only wishes her well. Despite any controversies surrounding her album, he stated that he does not take things personally and always hopes for the best for her career.

He spoke about the close relationship his daughters have with Tini and mentioned that everything is fine from his side, despite any potential impact on the other side. Tinelli highlighted the talent that Tini possesses and how he always seeks the best for her.

Marcelo Tinelli also addressed the mention of closing doors on Tini and clarified that he has a good relationship with Alejandro Stoessel. He reminisced about knowing Tini since she was young and sharing a warm connection with her family.

Additionally, Tinelli talked about his friendship with Rodrigo de Paul and their interactions with other prominent figures. He mentioned his admiration for De Paul and their interactions with Messi and Simeone. Tinelli also discussed Cami Homs’ participation in Bailando and stated that he always tried to take care of his friends, emphasizing the importance of maintaining positive relationships.

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