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Marcelo Tinelli Announces Decision on Future Professional Endeavors

Written in SHOWS, Marcelo Tinelli’s future career has been a topic of discussion since the end of Dancing. Speculations surfaced about his role as artistic director and programming manager at America in light of the channel’s critical situation. Some suggested he may be displaced while others believed he would continue working after taking a break.

Tinelli traveled to Mexico for work, hosting a comedy competition, before heading to Spain to celebrate his birthday with his children and film scenes for his family reality show. Amidst growing uncertainty, Ángel De Brito clarified the situation.

De Brito stated definitively that there will be no Bailando in 2024. He also revealed that Marcelo will produce a daily cooking show, The Debate of the Show, The Kitchen of the Show, and Charlotte and Vanadía at 23 for the rest of the year.

As a result, Marcelo will step away from the small screen for a period, though he will still appear in his reality show. The future of the planned comedy cycle remains uncertain due to the high production costs.

Which of Marcelo’s roles do you like the most?

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