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March Of The Machine Release Date Updates and Other Details

March Of The Machine Release Date Updates and Other Details

March Of The Machine Release Date Updates and Other Details

March Of The Machine: A Comprehensive Overview

Released on April 21, 2023, “March of the Machine” marks the ninety-sixth expansion in the storied history of Magic: The Gathering. This set, designed under the leadership of Mark Rosewater and developed by David Humpherys and his team, introduces a multiversal theme with a rich array of mechanics and a deep narrative that promises to alter the fabric of the Magic universe permanently.

Set Details and Themes

“March of the Machine” is not just another expansion; it is an event set that brings together iconic characters from various planes in a monumental battle against the Phyrexians. The set features 281 regular cards and includes additional special cards such as Phyrexian Full Art basic lands and various alternate art and showcase styles. The introduction of four-digit collector numbers and a shift in the placement of rarity indicators reflect the evolving design philosophy of Magic: The Gathering.

The set is rich with both returning and novel mechanics. Notably, “Battle” is introduced as a new card type alongside “Siege,” a subtype of Battle. These cards add a strategic depth to gameplay, enhancing the interactive experience of the set. The storyline, deeply integrated into the gameplay through Story Spotlight cards, reaches its climax in this set, promising a resolution to the intense Phyrexian saga.

Key Mechanics and Innovations

Among the standout features in “March of the Machine” are the innovative mechanics that push the boundaries of traditional gameplay. The set introduces “Incubate,” a keyword that plays into the Phyrexian theme of transformation and growth. This mechanic allows players to deploy Incubator tokens that later transform into more formidable Phyrexian creatures, adding a layer of anticipation and strategy to the game.

The set also sees the return of “Convoke,” a popular mechanic that allows players to tap creatures to help cast spells, thus integrating a communal effort into the gameplay. Additionally, the expansion explores the “Backup” ability, where creatures support each other on the battlefield, reflecting the thematic alliance of multiverse characters against a common foe.

Storyline and Narrative Impact

The narrative arc of “March of the Machine” is a compelling saga that concludes the Phyrexian storyline. The expansion sees the Multiverse’s heroes, such as Teferi and Elspeth, unite in a desperate stand against Elesh Norn and the Phyrexian forces. This set not only provides thrilling plot developments but also promises lasting changes to the Magic storyline, with repercussions that fans will likely explore in future expansions.

Following the main set, “March of the Machine: The Aftermath” offers an epilogue to the events, tying up loose narrative ends and setting the stage for new adventures. This narrative approach ensures that players are not just participants in card battles but also in an evolving and richly crafted story.

Product Offerings and Special Releases

The “March of the Machine” expansion is available in various formats, including Draft Boosters, Collector Boosters, and Set Boosters, catering to different preferences of the Magic community. Each booster type offers a unique unboxing experience, with Collector Boosters containing multiple special cards. Additionally, the set is complemented by five new Commander decks, each designed to offer a distinct gameplay style aligned with the set’s themes.

Special promotional cards and items add further excitement to the release. These include stamped cards available during the prerelease events, unique Buy-a-Box promos, and various cards featuring dark-frame and alternate art versions. The promotional strategy not only enhances collector interest but also enriches the community’s engagement with the set.

Events and Community Engagement

The release of “March of the Machine” was celebrated with a series of events starting with a prerelease on April 14, 2023. The digital release followed shortly after, allowing players worldwide to engage with the new cards. Launch parties and Friday Night Magic events provided ample opportunities for community participation and gameplay. These events highlight Wizards of the Coast’s commitment to supporting a vibrant Magic community.


  • When was “March of the Machine” released?
    It was officially released on April 21, 2023.
  • What are some of the new mechanics introduced in this set?
    The set introduces “Battle” as a new card type and “Incubate” as a new keyword, among others.
  • How does the “Battle” mechanic work?
    Battles are double-faced cards that enter the battlefield with defense counters. They provide strategic benefits once their conditions are met.
  • Can I find special cards in regular Draft Boosters?
    Yes, Draft Boosters include special cards such as Battles and may also contain Multiverse Legends cards.
  • Are there any special events associated with the release?
    Yes, the release was accompanied by prerelease events, digital release celebrations, and various other community-focused activities.

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