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March Of The Machines Release Date Updates and Other Details

March Of The Machines Release Date Updates and Other Details

March Of The Machines Release Date Updates and Other Details

March Of The Machines: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to March Of The Machines

Released on April 21, 2023, “March of the Machine” marks the ninety-sixth expansion in the Magic: The Gathering series. This set not only introduces new dynamics and card types but also brings a dramatic conclusion to the four-part Phyrexian storyline that began with “Dominaria United”. The set’s narrative and mechanics promise a transformative impact on the gameplay and the overarching Magic universe.

Set Details and Themes

“March of the Machine” is designed around the theme of multiversal battles, with a significant focus on the Phyrexian types. The set features a total of 281 cards, plus additional special and promotional cards, bringing new mechanics such as Backup, Convoke, and Incubate into play. The artwork and card styles vary, showcasing influences from different planes within the Magic universe, which adds a rich layer of diversity and strategy to the game.

Key Features and Mechanics

The expansion introduces several new mechanics and card types that enhance the strategic depth of the game. Notably, “Battle” is a new card type featured in this set, along with “Siege”, a subtype of Battle. These cards add a new layer of interaction and complexity, changing how players strategize their moves during gameplay. Additionally, the set includes new “Incubator” artifacts that transform into powerful Phyrexian creatures, further enriching the game’s dynamic.

Storyline and Impact

The storyline of “March of the Machine” centers around the epic battle against the Phyrexians, led by Elesh Norn. The narrative spans across various planes, bringing together a multitude of characters from the Magic universe to face this existential threat. This set not only concludes the current Phyrexian arc but also sets the stage for new stories, fundamentally altering the Multiverse’s fabric.

Special Editions and Promotions

The release of “March of the Machine” was accompanied by various special editions and promotional items. These include different styles of booster packs, such as Draft Boosters, Collector Boosters, and Set Boosters, each offering unique cards and experiences. Promotional cards and items were also available through events like prereleases and store championships, providing enthusiasts with exclusive collectibles.

Reception and Community Events

Since its release, “March of the Machine” has been met with enthusiasm from the Magic community. Events like the prerelease week, digital release, and launch parties have seen significant participation. These events not only serve as a platform for fans to engage with the new set but also foster a sense of community and collective excitement around the game.


When was “March of the Machine” released?

The set was officially released on April 21, 2023.

What are some of the new mechanics introduced in this set?

New mechanics include Backup, Convoke, Incubate, and the introduction of the Battle card type with its subtype Siege.

How many cards are there in “March of the Machine”?

The set contains 281 regular cards, with additional special and promotional cards bringing further variety.

What is the theme of “March of the Machine”?

The theme revolves around multiversal battles against the Phyrexians, highlighting themes of unity and resistance across various planes.

Are there any special editions or promotional items associated with this release?

Yes, the release includes several special editions such as Draft Boosters, Collector Boosters, and Set Boosters, along with promotional items available through events like prereleases and store championships.

How has the community reacted to the new set?

The community has responded positively, with active participation in release events and a general appreciation for the new mechanics and storyline developments introduced in the set.

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