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María Corina Machado Calls on Manuel Rosales to Attend Unitary Platform Meeting

As of Monday, March 25, 10 candidates (including Maduro) registered to compete in the presidential elections in Venezuela, according to figures provided by the president of the CNE who is close to the regime, Elvis Amoroso.

Professor Corina Yoris, a candidate promoted by the opposition leader, María Corina Machado, was left out of the nomination by “decision” of the CNE since the dictatorship maintains the political disqualification of the winner of the Venezuelan primaries.

The one who did register, at the last minute, was the former presidential candidate and current governor of the state of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, with the support of the Un Nuevo Tiempo party, although until the previous day he maintained support for Machado’s decisions.

A few months before the elections take place, much has been said about the possible alliances of the opposition to confront the head of the Venezuelan regime in said race.

María Corina Machado offered an interview on the NTN24 program La Tarde.

“These days the future of Venezuela is being decided, we must act with responsibility and transparency towards the country. The truth is that an agreement must be sought as soon as possible to guarantee the unity of all Venezuelans and the possibility of continuing our fight,” Machado mentioned on the Las Américas channel.

“The truth is that I have told Governor Rosales that I am willing to meet. I have asked that the members of the different parties of the Unitary Platform be present on this occasion. The reason is very clear, this is not about two leaders, this cannot be done with your back to the country,” said the founder of the Vente Venezuela political movement.

“The primaries did occur, therefore, I insist that this meeting (with Rosales) must happen as soon as possible, so that I urge Governor Rosales to appear at the meeting and that we manage to show our face to the country,” he said.

Machado, when asked about the possibility of meeting alone with Governor Rosales specified that there are “precedents.”

“Evidently there is a lot of distrust among the actors because of the precedents, because of how events have happened in recent times. I met with Mr. Rosales on March 19, just one day before the arrest of my collaborators (…) And the information that circulated about these meetings was not true. We must act with truth and respect because you have to show your face to the country, you have to keep your word,” he noted.

In turn, the former deputy to the (legitimate) National Assembly recalled that the Barbados agreements established “clean and free elections” in Venezuela.

“If that candidate and leadership (that Machado won in the primaries) is discarded and it is Nicolás Maduro who chooses the candidates, What were the Barbados agreements and the primaries for?” he questioned.

“This is a moment where we must listen to the country, and the country is speaking loudly and clearly. We have in our hands the enormous responsibility of ensuring a stable and orderly transition. We open our arms to all Venezuelans, even to those who have formed the ranks of Chavismo but want to be part of a new Venezuela,” he noted.

Machado also indicated that “These are decisive hours” to find the route that allows the opposition to advance ahead of the presidential elections.

“I am willing to do what needs to be done to achieve change in Venezuela, I have put myself aside, if that favored this process, but I will never give up this fight, I do not fall and I do not accept blackmail from the regime. We have time to continue moving forward. These are decisive hours,” he said.

“It is inconceivable to me that the candidate that Maduro likes competes and not the one that the people like. Where on the planet is this acceptable?” asked the opposition leader.

The presidential electoral process in Venezuela will take place on Sunday, July 28, 2024. Despite the “celebration” of these elections, it is worth noting that the main opposition candidates have been disqualified from participating.

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