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María Corina Urgently Calls Rosales to Meeting with Unitary Platform Parties

The opposition leader, María Corina Machado, stated on Monday that she had invited Manuel Rosales to a meeting in order to address the concerns raised among the population after the Governor of Zulia registered as a candidate.

“I have proposed that this meeting include members of the different parties that make up the Unitary Platform,” explained Machado.

She expressed her intention to engage in dialogue with Rosales to clarify any confusion among voters and to respect the results of the primary election.

Machado emphasized the importance of the primary election and urged Rosales to participate in the meeting to address the country’s concerns.

The parties Primero Justicia, Voluntad Popular, and Encuentro Ciudadano also expressed their desire for the meeting between Machado and Rosales to take place soon.

However, as of April 14, UNT had not responded to the proposal for the meeting, stating that they had only heard about it through social networks.

UNT suggested separate meetings between Machado and the Unitary Platform and Rosales with the opposition coalition to clarify the issue of candidacy.

The party stated that Rosales has always been willing to talk openly with Machado and is open to discussions.

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