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Mario Movie Dvd Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mario Movie Dvd Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mario Movie DVD Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mario Movie DVD Release Date Updates and Other Details

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a cinematic adaptation of the beloved Nintendo video game series, has made a monumental impact at the global box office, amassing over $1.3 billion in revenue. This animated feature, which stars notable voices such as Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Jack Black, has captivated audiences worldwide, leading to its availability on various streaming platforms including Peacock and Prime Video.

For fans eager to own a physical copy of this blockbuster, the DVD and Blu-ray versions are now accessible. The DVD is priced at $18, while the Blu-ray version is available for $25. These can be purchased through major retailers like Amazon, where the movie also ranks high on the bestseller lists.

Streaming Availability and Options

The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiered on Peacock on August 3, offering subscribers the chance to stream it at no additional cost. Peacock provides various subscription plans, starting at $5.99 per month for a version with commercials, and a commercial-free experience at $9.99 per month. The platform also offers a discount on annual subscriptions.

Aside from Peacock, the movie is also available on Prime Video, where it can be rented or purchased. Prime Video released the movie in May, and it includes a special “Bonus X-Ray Edition” for $19.99, which features additional content like behind-the-scenes footage and trivia. Other streaming services such as Vudu, Apple TV/iTunes, and Google Play also offer the movie for streaming on various devices.

Physical Copies and Exclusive Offers

The DVD and Blu-ray versions of The Super Mario Bros. Movie were released on June 13. These are available on Amazon and other retail stores like Walmart and Target. Amazon offers a 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital combo, which is currently discounted. Walmart has an exclusive limited-edition gift set that includes a collectible tin for displaying the movie discs, although it is currently out of stock.

For those looking to enhance their collection, there are also various merchandise items available, including a movie storybook, a bomber jacket, and themed games like Monopoly and LEGO sets, all inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Impact and Reception

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has not only been a commercial success but also a critical one, receiving praise for its animation quality and faithful adaptation of the video game’s world and characters. The film’s success at the box office surpassed previous records, making it the highest-grossing debut for an animated movie and the highest-grossing movie of 2023 to date.

The movie’s popularity continues to soar as it remains a top choice on Prime Video, outperforming other major titles and maintaining a strong presence in the market weeks after its release.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie has proven to be a significant cultural phenomenon, bringing the iconic video game characters to life in a whole new way. Whether you prefer streaming or owning a physical copy, there are plenty of options available to enjoy this family-friendly adventure. With its continued success, Mario and his companions are sure to entertain audiences for a long time to come.


  • When was the DVD release for The Super Mario Bros. Movie?
    The DVD and Blu-ray were released on June 13, 2023.
  • Where can I stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie?
    You can stream the movie on Peacock, Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV/iTunes, and Google Play.
  • What is the cost of the DVD and Blu-ray?
    The DVD is available for $18, and the Blu-ray for $25.
  • Are there any special editions of the movie available for purchase?
    Yes, there are several special editions, including a 4K Ultra HD version and a Walmart-exclusive gift set with collectible packaging.
  • What additional content is included in the “Bonus X-Ray Edition” of the movie on Prime Video?
    This edition includes bonus footage, trivia, and behind-the-scenes content.

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