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Maripily and Patricia Corcino’s ongoing confrontations heat up in ‘The House of the Famous 4’

The tension within “The house of the famous” increases day after day, as the inhabitants get closer to the final stretch of the fourth season of the “reality show”, rethinking alliances and strategies in the game.

The “Sunday of sincerities, positions and salvation” was full of strong words and accusations, specifically among the Puerto Rican participants Maripily Rivera and Patricia Corcino who are nominated again and have declared a “war” over which of the two deserves to be the best representation of Puerto Rico.

Among the celebrities in danger of being eliminated tomorrow, Monday, are also Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez.

It is worth mentioning that the gala began in a totally different order than what we have been used to since the first 11 weeks. On this occasion, The production decided that Aleska Génesis would save Geraldine Bazán from elimination before starting the “sincerations and positioning”, thus giving them the opportunity to participate in the dynamic.

The former presenter of the program “I know everything” decided to be honest with the owner of Pompi Stores. “I stand before you because I cannot betray my principles or values. Since I entered the competition multiple times you have expressed that you do not want me in the house, that there is no room for another Puerto Rican and that you asked for exclusivity from the production that there could be no other space for me. Respect has no nationality. It has to be universal,” Corcino began by expressing.

As expected, the so-called “Boricua hurricane” He did not take long to respond to his compatriot: “It makes me sad that you are attacking a compatriot and that you are telling many lies. Puerto Rico has seen you tell many lies and false strategies. You prepared for this positioning to make me look bad. The Puerto Rican woman is not like you. You copied me. “Sometimes I feel like you are my shadow because you do basically the same thing.” Rivera responded.

Then, during the positioning, tempers began to flare between Lupillo Rivera and Rodrigo Romeh verbal confrontation in which the presenter had to intervene Nacho Lozano and other inhabitants such as José Reyes “La Melaza” and Paulo Quevedo.

Tomorrow, Monday, the elimination of the twelfth inhabitant of the television competition that is broadcast from Sunday to Friday on Telemundo.

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