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Maripily Snubs Patricia Corcino and Leaves Everyone Confused – Primera Hora

Maripily has managed to save herself from elimination, choosing to ignore Patricia Corcino’s attempts to stir up drama. This unexpected move has left everyone confused about her motives.

In a recent episode of “La Casa de Los Famosos 4” on Telemundo, viewers got to see the best moments of La Divaza, adding excitement and entertainment to the show.

Patricia Corcino is determined to let the Puerto Rican audience decide who will represent them in “The House of the Famous 4.” This bold move has sparked discussions among fans of the show.

As the tension mounts in the competition, Patricia Corcino took a moment to open up her heart hours before facing possible elimination in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4.’ Her vulnerability has resonated with viewers.

Both Maripily and Patricia find themselves nominated once again in “La Casa de los Famosos 4,” creating a tense atmosphere as they await the results. The stakes are high as the competition heats up on

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