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Marvel to Unveil Major Revelation About Wolverine’s Mysterious Past

Chris Claremont, the renowned Marvel Comics writer known for his work on X-Men, is returning to delve into a hidden story from Wolverine’s past that has been shrouded in mystery for over 35 years. Collaborating once again with artist Edgar Salazar, Claremont will be shaping Wolverine: Deep Cut, the latest comic series that explores some of the darkest moments in Logan’s life. This new series, announced by Marvel, will consist of four issues as part of the celebration of Wolverine’s 50th anniversary.

This limited series will uncover sinister revelations and feature a showdown with Wolverine’s longtime foe, Sabretooth. Marvel has also unveiled the cover of the first issue, illustrated by artist Philip Tan. The story will revisit events following Uncanny X-Men #246, a comic published by Marvel in 1989, where Logan undertook a mysterious mission that led to his absence from the team for several months.

Wolverine Marvel Comics X-Men

Marvel announces Wolverine: Deep Cut

Wolverine: Deep Cut marks the second time Claremont revisits a classic Wolverine story, reflecting on his extensive career writing Uncanny X-Men scripts. One of the stories highlighted is from Uncanny X-Men #268, where Logan embarked on a secret mission with Black Widow and Captain America. Earlier this year, Marvel introduced a sequel to this tale with Wolverine: Madripoor Knights.

While this series takes readers back to a classic era of the X-Men, it is designed to attract both long-time fans and newcomers interested in discovering the untold chapters of Wolverine’s history. Marvel’s continued exploration of these classic moments in the X-Men universe shows a commitment to captivating audiences with compelling narratives. As Claremont and Salazar delve deeper into Wolverine’s past, there are countless mysteries still waiting to be unraveled.

The first issue of Wolverine: Deep Cut is set to be released on July 3.

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