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Meet Biondo, the Italian Heartthrob from Manufacturer of Tears

Simone Baldasseroni rose to fame through the popular talent show ‘Amici’ on Canale 5 but soon faced challenges and had to reinvent himself. In early April, Netflix released ‘Tear Maker,’ a teen erotic movie about two orphans who fall in love after being adopted together. While critics doubt its chances at winning prestigious awards, the film has gained popularity among teenagers in Europe and Latin America, becoming the second most-viewed movie in Spain on the platform.

The protagonist of ‘Tear Maker,’ Simone Baldasseroni, also known as Blond, is a rapper, influencer, and actor born in Rome in 1998. He started his music career at a young age and rose to fame in 2015. Despite facing challenges after his time on television, Baldasseroni decided to pursue a career in cinema, making his acting debut in 2019 and gaining recognition for his role in ‘Crazy for Football’ in 2021.

Baldasseroni has worked hard to overcome prejudices about his looks and lack of formal acting training. He believes that with dedication and effort, anything is possible. He aims to be a role model of hard work and humility and even penned an autobiographical book in 2021. He aspires to become an international actor and inspire others through his success.

On a personal note, Baldasseroni, with millions of followers on social media, has been romantically linked to various famous Italian women. However, he has had significant relationships with influencers Natalia Sofia Molteni in 2022 and Rachele Rosi in 2023.

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