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Meet Manuel Turizo’s Stunning Girlfriend, Joselina Sorza

Meet Manuel Turizo’s Stunning Girlfriend, Joselina Sorza

Manuel Turizo, the Colombian singer, has been one of the most successful artists of the past decade. He was recognized internationally for his song “A Lady like You.” Today the artist is experiencing one of the best moments of his career with his songs ranking at the top of music platforms. Moreover, he is happy in his personal life as he is in love with his girlfriend.

In addition to being a singer, Manuel Turizo is also a composer who recently turned 23 years old on April 12. He is currently in a relationship with Joselina Sorza, a model, and influencer. The couple frequently shares their romantic moments on their social networks with their followers, letting them see what their life is like as a couple. Joselina Sorza is quite prolific on social media platforms where she has fans from different parts of the world.

Joselina Sorza likes to share her lifestyle with her fans, which includes traveling, fashion, and her clothing collection. The young model has a clothing brand called “Ayré,” which became popular after she made her relationship with Manuel Turizo public. She has a considerable social media presence with 199 thousand followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts sensual photographs and shows off her beauty.

Born on April 30, 2000, in Valledupar, Colombia, Joselina Sorza is 22 years old and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Besides modeling, she is an influencer who frequently collaborates with different brands to promote their products.

Rumors about the romance between Manuel Turizo and Joselina Sorza began in 2019 after they were spotted together at a Nicky Jam concert. The pair became friends and soon became a couple. The singer has revealed that he has plans to start a family with Sorza but wants to focus on their careers for now.

In conclusion, Manuel Turizo’s girlfriend, Joselina Sorza, is a young Colombian model, and influencer who manages her clothing brand called “Ayré.” She is quite prolific on social media platforms and has an active relationship with Manuel Turizo, sharing their life as a couple with their followers. While they plan to start a family together someday, the couple is currently focusing on their careers.

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