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Meet Natalia Arrovaye: the girlfriend of Carla Giraldo and sister of a famous former Miss Colombia

Over the past few years, Carla Giraldo has become one of the most talked-about artists in national entertainment, as a result of the professional process she built in the media and in productions of different genres. The actress attracted attention with her personality and her beauty, unleashing comments on the situations in which she starred in formats such as MasterChef Celebrity where she was the winner of one of the seasons.

However, the renowned small screen star captivated social media users with his talent, his work and his content, reflecting the preparation he had in projects and ideas that emerged over time, such as the case of The House of the famous Colombia, where it is currently. The Antioquian showed in these spaces all kinds of details of her personal life, her preparation and her skill in front of the cameras.

As detailed, Colombian portals and media brought to the present one of the love relationships that the paisa had when she was younger, causing an uproar due to the impact that the topic generated at that time. It was an emotional bond with another woman, who was captured on social networks and triggered uncertainty at that time.

Carla Giraldo and Natalia Arroyave

Instagram @carlagiraldo | Photo: Instagram @carlagiraldo

Both posed for photos and shared in different spaces during the two years that their relationship lasted. Each one enjoyed this stage, but the union ended, which was decisive for the presenter of The house of the famous since he did not have a courtship with another woman again.

The Colombian turned the page and, years later, She met Mauricio Fonnegra, DJ and music producer with whom she became a mother and started a family to this day..

“Kiss is kiss, mouth to mouth. “Everything depends on the passion that you put into it and the love that you feel for that person,” she commented, to which she added: “I like a woman’s hair, how they dress, how they behave, how delicate they are. All the women are very pretty, they still seem divine to me.”

Natalia Arroyave, ex-partner of Carla Giraldo.

Natalia Arroyave, ex-partner of Carla Giraldo. | Photo: Instagram @rossanacastro

As for Natalia Arroyave, some people realized on social networks that she has a beautiful relationship with another person, enjoying trips, spaces and projects that they started along the way. The businesswoman published images of her future plans, in addition to the ventures she is currently carrying out.

In photos and videos he was seen enjoying his romance with Rossana Castro, fashion designer and marketing specialist.. The communication professional is also the sister of the famous former Miss Colombia 1994, Tatiana Castro, and the model and founder of Grupo 4, Carolina Castro.

Natalia Arroyave and Rossana Castro

Natalia Arroyave and Rossana Castro | Photo: Instagram @nataliaarroyavep

Both are involved in INMOBILI, a studio focused on decoration, landscaping, space creativity and interior design. In several photos they pose and reflect how happy they are, carrying a story praised by their followers.

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