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Megan Fox Warns Single Women: “Don’t Waste Your Energy on Guys”

In a recent appearance at the Festival Revolve 2024 on April 13, Megan Fox shared some specific advice for single women. The actress spoke exclusively to E! and encouraged her female audience to focus on personal growth rather than romantic relationships as their goal for the summer.

“Learn a hobby, or develop a new skill,” the Hollywood star emphasized. “Don’t waste your energy on boys!” she stated. Fox, known for her roles in films such as “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body,” has stood out for her film career. But now it is her love life that attracts the most public attention. “All they will do is wear you down. Just keep going. Invest in yourself,” she added.

This advice comes at a significant time for Megan, who confirmed the end of her engagement with musician Machine Gun Kelly almost a month ago. The relationship between Fox and Machine Gun Kelly has been a topic of constant media interest since its inception. The actress previously described the rapper as her “soulmate” in 2020, adding an almost mythical dimension to their union.

Despite what is happening in her romantic life, Megan Fox continues to praise Machine Gun Kelly’s talent in the professional realm. During an interview with E! News, she mentioned him as one of her ideal acts to headline the Coachella festival, along with other iconic performers like Guns N’ Roses and Weezer. Fox shared the interview on her Instagram with the caption “Life advice from a relationship expert,” drawing a supportive reaction from Machine Gun Kelly.

In addition to her professional life, Megan Fox addressed comparisons between herself and Chelsea Blackwell, a participant from Love Is Blind. Blackwell had mentioned that people find her similar to Fox due to their physical similarities. Fox, although not familiar with the show, defended Blackwell against online criticism, stating that no one deserves bullying.

The star expressed her best wishes for the young woman, hoping that Blackwell’s shine has not been dimmed by the negative comments, drawing a parallel to her own experiences of being scrutinized and criticized for the past 20 years.

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