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Megan Fox’s Empowering Advice for Women Postponing Wedding to Machine Gun Kelly; Ex Brian Austin Green Responds

A month after publicly announcing the cancellation of her wedding to Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox set out to give other single women some practical advice based on her personal experience.

During a talk with the program The Rundown, from E! News, which she held over the weekend during the Revolve festival, the 37-year-old star of Transformers advised girls not to “waste” their energy on men.

“I don’t know if I’m the best person to give advice, because my advice is to learn a skill or develop a hobby, and don’t waste your energy on boys,” the star said. “All they’re going to do is drain you. Better keep going. Invest in yourself,” she added.

A few minutes after the interview was published, Fox shared it on her own social networks. “Life advice from a relationship expert,” she wrote to accompany the clip, a post that immediately received a comment from her ex. “Preach,” said Gun Kelly.

In another segment of the same talk with E! News, the actress winked at her ex-fiancé when the journalist asked her what her three ideal headliners would be for the Coachella festival. “Well, obviously I have to say Machine Gun Kelly,” declared the actress, showing that despite the separation she still has good vibes with the musician. “I’m not from the modern era, so I’d stick with Guns N’ Roses. You know who I’d love to see? Weezer. ‘Weezer is fire,’” she concluded.

The star, who has three children with actor Brian Austin Green, was never shy when talking about her feelings and what her relationship with men is like. “I had big crushes on other people all the time. Every time I started a new project, I would go to work and fall in love because I was a girl. And yes, I also suppose it has to do with the fact that I never had the total freedom to be single and be able to experiment,” the actress confessed a few weeks ago on the podcast Call Her Daddy. “I wasn’t a good girlfriend to Brian. I am honest and I recognize it,” she added, referring to the father of her heirs: Noah, 11 years old; Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 6.

“For a moment, when I got divorced, I thought I was going to be alone for a long time, but I was single for about three weeks,” she continued her story, telling how, in 2020, after the divorce, her romance with the musician began.

It was there that she first addressed the topic of canceling her engagement. “For now I am not going to comment on the state of our relationship,” she said, but stressed that she will not go through the altar. “What I have learned from this relationship is that what happens to us is not for public consumption. What I can say is that I consider him my ‘soulmate’ and I will always be tied to him in one way or another, no matter what happens,” she assured.

“Beyond that, I am not willing to give other types of explanations,” she said, putting a limit on the media’s intrusion into her personal life. “But all those things that are said are accurate, they have happened and I can see them being confusing or interesting to people and making them wonder, ‘What else is going on?’”

A source recently told Entertainment Tonight that Kelly and Megan are taking some time apart. While she lives in an apartment in Malibu, he is residing in the house they both shared in Encino. “They are still together as a couple and trying to figure things out. He is very in love with Megan, so he does everything he can to keep her happy and lets her take the lead,” said a person close to both.

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