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Meghan Markle Snubs Woman’s Request for Photo with Prince Harry in Ugly Gesture

The love between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is stronger than ever.

His new public appearance this weekend has demonstrated this. The Duchess of Sussex surprised her husband by being in charge of presenting the trophy to the polo champions of the Royal Salute Polo Challenge tournament, held in Wellington, Florida, in which her husband played and won.

The moment was idyllic and romantic, until it wasn’t. After the kiss, the handing over of the glass, and the smiles of the lovers, other people entered the scene who would also pose for the official press photo.

One of the women wanted to stand next to Harry and stayed there for a few seconds waiting for Meghan to give her space. Without losing her smile, always in the eye of the hurricane, the duchess did not move from there.

On the contrary, with his look and his gestures he clearly told the woman to please stand on the other side. She had no intention of separating even an inch from her husband.

The moment was as confusing as it was fun. Images that have gone around the world and show that, despite Meghan’s shyness, there is also a woman with character who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t.

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