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Melissa Mora Reveals Motivation Behind Decision to Join Combate Program

It has been several years since Melissa Mora fans saw her compete on the Combate program. A show of equipment and stress tests that became very popular in our country.

When Meli participated, she was already well known as a model and was having success with her song “Amover el Bam Bam”. Now, the artist and businesswoman tells what was the real reason why she accepted the challenge of entering the program.

At that time, Meli’s daughter was a baby, she was very small and her mother only had one dream: to be able to buy the girl a house.

This is how the singer also explained it in an interview conducted by Johana Villalobos, the same of which a preview has barely been published on social networks.

CRHoy spoke with Melissa to tell us a little more about her journey through the television program produced by Repretel.

“At that moment I worked too much, I needed to work, so Gastón Carrera at that moment made me the proposal to be in Combate, I also did my shows singing the Bam Bam that I released at that time, so I told Johana that it was a stage of a lot of work, but I needed to work.”

“I had a job at that time, but I needed to work twice as hard, because at that stage it was a stage that my mother was also at that time with chemotherapy and so on, so it was a stage that I knew I had to work a lot and I have always been very clear with the goals I set for myself.”

“People sometimes believe that behind a person there are not a lot of sacrifices, at that moment I wanted to make my house, so if I knew that I had certain purposes, then I had to work twice as hard,” Mora confessed to CRHoy.

Melissa Mora makes it clear that the purchase of her house was not achieved solely with her six months in Combate, but that experience allowed her to add more income to fulfill the dream.

Of course, she assures that thanks to her participation in the aforementioned program, she managed to further boost the success of her song “Amover el Bam Bam”, with which she debuted as a singer and which achieved thousands of views on YouTube.

Meli became a well-known face on television and one of the people with the most followers on social networks in our country, already exceeding one million. After Combate, she also participated in the program Tu Cara Me Suena, on Teletica.

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