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Mexican Wife: Who They Really Are & Ways To Find A Mexican Bride Online?

Mexican Wife: Who They Really Are & Ways To Find A Mexican Bride Online?

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

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Mexican brides are extremely popular, and that’s a fact. However, along with success stories, you could hear stories of men who failed to meet real Mexican mail-order brides. Still, over 1,500 Mexican women go to the US to marry American men yearly, so some methods actually work, and we’re going to discuss them in detail in this guide.

6 Best Sites to Meet Mexican Wife Online

  1. La Date—website with the most detailed profiles
  2. LoveFort—dating platform that also works as a social media site
  3. ColombiaLady—place with the largest number of Mexican mail order brides
  4. TheLuckyDate—version of Tinder for international dating
  5. LatinFeels—popular site with lots of young Mexican women for dating
  6. LatamDate—one of the oldest sites with lots of special features

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1. La Date

Features we liked:

  • Mails and live chat
  • The People tinder-like feature to discover new matches
  • Profiles with lots of photos
  • Gift delivery

La-Date is one of the most popular platforms where a man can meet single, young, and attractive Mexican girls. All the members are encouraged to provide a lot of information when signing up for the site. Though uploading a profile photo is optional, most members, especially Mexican women registered on the site, do it. There are also profile videos and tons of information for those who want to make sure a girl really meets their criteria before spending credits on conversations with her. Speaking of conversations, there is live chat and Mails (long emails up to 30,000), and users can attach media files, send stickers, etc.

There are also ways to contact someone without sending that standard “Hi, how are you?” message—users can send winks for free and wait until a Mexican woman wink at them to make sure she’s interested. Those who’ve already met their perfect girlfriend and maybe even a future Mexican wife can use such special services as gift delivery or send real meeting requests. So, if you are looking for a site with beautiful Mexican women with detailed profiles and some great special features, consider joining this online dating community!

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2. LoveFort 

Features we liked:

  • The Newsfeed with posts from Mexican girls
  • Opportunity to follow other members
  • Instant messaging
  • Contact requests

LoveFort is another great place to meet Mexican women, and unlike many other platforms, it really has to offer something special to singles worldwide. It’s a half dating site, half social media platform. Basically, that means that there is the advanced search, personality tests, detailed profiles with information on a user’s preferences, many messaging tools, and even an online store with real gifts that can be delivered to the doorstep of any Mexican girl registered on the site. Still, it’s not all you get when joining the community.

Men can also follow Mexican ladies, view their posts, or just scroll the Newsfeed to find the beautiful Mexican women of their dreams. That’s way more fun than just using the search, actually. More importantly, it’s free. Messaging, as well as most other communication tools on the site, is the premium feature, though. Still, members who’ve already spent enough on conversations with a particular Mexican lady can stop paying by requesting her contact details—that allows them to keep talking on other platforms for free. So, if you like Instagram and Mexican women, create a profile on LoveFort—that’s free, too.

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3. ColombiaLady

Features we liked:

  • International call service
  • Video gallery
  • Video chat
  • Instant messaging

There are two types of sites with Mexican women—regular dating sites where you can meet a single Mexican lady and niche websites with Mexican mail order brides. ColombiaLady falls under the second category. This platform was designed specifically for those looking for Latin wives (including Mexican wives) or women who at least want to have a serious relationship with a western guy. The best thing is, the company didn’t just choose the niche—it really offered great tools that can help find someone special, get closer online, and have a wonderful long-distance relationship until a couple decides to meet in person.

In particular, members can call each other (you can even schedule calls and choose the time when you’re available), have video chat, enjoy live messaging, and send real gifts. Profiles are pretty detailed, and the best thing is all Mexican brides on ColombiaLady must verify their accounts. So, if you know for sure that a beautiful Mexican woman will be the best wife for you, create a Colombia Lady account—it’s free, and some generous bonuses are offered.

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4. TheLuckyDate

Features we liked:

  • Tinder-like search feature
  • Messaging
  • Unlimited viewing profiles
  • 24/7 support service

TheLuckyDate is the only global platform on our list. What does that mean? It accepts not only Mexican brides or Latin girls for dating and marriage, but women from different countries and regions, including Asia and Europe. There are enough members from North America, though, and many of them are Mexican women with different relationship goals. Some are looking for foreign boyfriends, some—for future husbands, but well, nearly all of them are hot, beautiful, and curious about starting a relationship with a foreigner.

Generally speaking, this site works like many popular dating apps. Users discover random matches, swipe left, swipe right, have life chats, get closer and, if they fall for each other, meet in real life. Profiles are detailed, and you can view them for free. All users can also view public pictures, but messaging is a premium feature. The credits costs are pretty low, and every new member gets 2,000 complimentary credits—in this case, it can be considered an alternative to a free trial. So, if you’re looking for a relationship with a Mexican girl and don’t mind meeting ladies from other countries, too, consider joining the LuckyDate community!

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5. LatinFeels

Features we liked:

  • Live chat with stickers
  • Free winks & likes
  • Unlimited access to profiles and pictures
  • Flowers & gifts

LatinFeels is one of the sites where you can meet gorgeous Latin singles. Though there are also girls from Venezuela and Brazil, Mexican women registered on this platform are probably the most attractive female members. The average age is 25, so yes, most of them are pretty young and never married. As for the rest, Latin Feels works like most other good international dating websites.

Singles can join for free (there is a quiz, so answering multiple questions will definitely take some time) without providing any payment information. After they do it, they get access to profiles of Mexican women and many other free tools, in particular, search that’s a pretty effective matching tool due to numerous filters. However, watching profile videos, messaging, and gift delivery are premium features. The good news is all new members get bonus credits and pretty generous discounts for credits new members, so if you want to test a good site with Mexican without paying too much, create an account on

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6. LatamDate

Features we liked:

  • CamShare
  • EMF Mails and Admirer Mails
  • Virtual & real gifts
  • Free matching service

LatamDate is not just a regular dating site—like ColombiaLady, it also accepts Mexican women who want to start a serious relationship with foreign guys, or in other words, Mexican mail order brides. This is a huge community, actually—LatamDate is one of the oldest platforms on the international dating market, and it’s one of the sites that became even more popular over time. What’s the secret to success? We believe it’s in lots of tools to use to find someone special and start an authentic romantic relationship with one of the Mexican brides.

There are different types of messages and Mails—members even can use templates to send the first message. There is the CamShare feature, too, which basically means that you can always chat with a Mexican woman and make sure she’s real, see her gestures, and hear her voice. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can send a virtual gift, and if you want to surprise your Mexican bride, you can send a real one. So, if that’s what you are looking for, join the LatamDate community.

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Our editor’s notes

“There are a lot of sites that claim to help single men to find Mexican mail order wives or at least single Mexican women for dating pretty fast and easily. However, a careful analysis of the market shows that in the best-case scenario, 3 out of 10 sites with hot Mexican brides are worth using.

It’s in my area of expertise, and I’ve joined and tested more than a hundred international dating sites. A lot of them were Latin platforms, not because I chose them on purpose, but because many companies realize that the demand for Latin and in particular Mexican mail order wives is really high. The best of them are on our list, but La-Date and ColombiaLady are my personal favorites.

  • La-Date is rather for those who want to meet attractive Mexican girls. Start dating one of them and see how it goes—you won’t find Mexican mail order brides there. Still, it’s a popular dating platform with many success stories, thousands of attractive ladies, and a wide variety of features that work well for all singles, no matter what their relationship goals are.
  • Colombia Lady, in turn, is a site where you can meet a Mexican mail order bride. It has all you need to start dating Mexican women, find someone special, and build a strong long-distance relationship to take them to the next level and meet your future Mexican wife in real life one day. Again, there are a lot of great tools and features, from 24/7 customer support to video chat and call service.”

 — Latin Countries Expert at, Gloria Ferreira

How to get a Mexican wife online?

Some say that there’s no one effective method to meet Mexican women for marriage, find a special girl, and marry her. They’re wrong—here’s the algorithm that works in the vast majority of cases:

  • Join a reputable dating site. A lot depends on a platform, that’s true. On a good website, you get access to profiles of real Mexican brides, tons of useful features, and advanced matching algorithms. Joining a bad site usually results in a total waste of time and money.
  • Make some effort to create a really detailed profile. Many guys looking for a Mexican wife underestimate the importance of the information they provide in their profiles. Your personal page should stand out on the site (upload at least 5 high-quality photos, answer all the basic questions, and write a detailed self-description), and most importantly, it should be useful for a Mexican girl.
  • Use search—it really works. There may be thousands of Mexican girls on a good dating site, and contacting all of them will cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. Imagine an ideal woman, thinking of all her qualities, personality traits, and characteristics you’d like to find in her. Consider this information to properly use the search and matching algorithms.
  • Choose the best communication tools and use them to get closer with one of the hot Mexican girls. Good sites offer you a lot of tools, from video chat to messengers. Use the services that work the best for you to find someone special and get really close online.
  • Meet a Mexican mail order bride in real life. If you think that you’ve already met a perfect Mexican girl, don’t delay your date in real life for too long—meet her in person to make sure she’s the one.

Now you know how to find a Mexican wife, but what about the costs? Below, we talk about Mexican mail order bride prices in more detail. 

How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost?

You can’t buy a Mexican wife—that’s just a myth. Men could never literally mail order Mexican brides, and in the modern world, the term “cost of a Mexican bride” refers to the total price of all services a man needs to use to find a wife, date her online, meet her in real life, and marry her in the US.

How much do men who want to date Mexican women online usually pay? It pretty much depends on a dating site.


La-Date members don’t need to pay for premium plans—they can buy credits instead:

  • $9.99—20 credits ($2.99 for new members)
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

Members who have credits can spend them on the following:

  • Live chat—20 credits for 10 minutes
  • Mails—30 credits (first Mail for 10 credits only)
  • Watching profile videos—50 credits
  • Real meeting request—625 credits

👆 Get 20 FREE credits for signing up

Colombia Lady

If you want to upgrade your account and buy some credits on ColombiaLady, the costs will be as follows:

  • 2 credits—$15.99 (there may be extra discounts for new members)
  • 16 credits—$96
  • 100 credits—$399

*Note that members who buy any pack of credits get 5 first Mails, 20 minutes in live chat, and access to all private pictures.

Credits can be spent on different services:

  • EMF Mails—1 credit
  • Chat—1 credit for 10 minutes
  • Video chat—0.6 credits per minute
  • Calls—1 credit per minute

👆 Sign up and start chatting with Mexican women for marriage


There is only one credit package available:

  • 2,000 credits—$2.99

Credits can be spent on:

  • Messaging—200 credits/minute

👆 Sign up and start chatting with Mexican women for marriage

How much for meeting Mexican brides in real life

In this case, going to a girlfriend’s country is not only a long-awaited meeting. An opportunity to meet her parents and learn more about Mexican culture—it’s a requirement for all western guys who want to marry their Mexican wives in the US (otherwise, they won’t get a visa).

The average cost of a 2-week trip to Mexico is as follows:

  • Tickets—$500
  • Hotel—$700
  • Food—$300
  • Transportation—$200
  • Entertainment—$300
  • Total—$2,000

Most men looking for Mexican wives spend around $1,200 on dating them online and go to Mexico at least twice, and in this case, the total cost of marrying one of the hot Mexican women will be around $5,200.

How to avoid mail order bride scams?

There’s one thing that all men who want to start dating Mexican girls they met online should know—the chance of meeting a scammer is real. How not to get scammed? Here are a few essential rules:

  • Carefully choose the site, pay special attention to profiles of pretty Mexican girls registered there. The better the site and personal pages, the better chance of avoiding scams.
  • Remember that if things are moving too fast and everything looks as if a Mexican bride just wants to gain your trust and make you fall for her as fast as possible, that’s a red sign.
  • Never share your financial and other details with someone you’ve never met in real life.
  • Google photos of Mexican ladies you see on the site. Make sure their photos are not stolen.
  • Never send money to a Mexican bride, especially if she says the “emergency” has happened and she needs your help ASAP.

Why marry a Mexican woman?

As we’ve noted before, Mexican ladies are some of the most popular Latin mail order brides. But why? Here are the things that men like most about them:

  • Combination of femininity, inner strength, and confidence
  • Natural beauty and the desire to be the best versions of themselves
  • Family-mindedness, loyalty, and faithfulness
  • Honor as the main value in life
  • Ability to remain optimistic and overcome difficulties no matter what the circumstances are

That’s what most Mexican brides are, and this combination of traits and characteristics is exactly what makes them the best wives for many western men.

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Single guys really can find Mexican women online and offline—a lot of Mexican brides want to date and marry foreign guys mostly because, unlike Mexican men, they aren’t under the influence of machismo culture, are more respectful, caring, and faithful. There are pretty many sites that promise you to find a mail order bride in Mexico, but very few can really do it, so choose a service provider carefully.

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

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