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Michelle Salas Paves the Way for a Possible Duet with Mega Pop Star


The flamenco singer Diego ‘El Cigala’ revealed his desire to collaborate with Luis Miguel. He mentioned that it may be possible to connect with the Mexican artist through Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter.

‘El Cigala’ expressed his admiration for Luis Miguel and expressed his excitement at the thought of recording a song with him. He referred to Luis Miguel as a genius and praised his musical talent and evolution over the years.

In an interview for a publication, Diego expressed his happiness knowing that Michelle Salas is a fan of his music. He shared that he met her in Punta Cana and was delighted by the encounter.

Diego plans to return to Mexico in May to present his Masterpieces tour in different cities. He hopes that his dream of collaborating with Luis Miguel will come true in the future.

Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas / Courtesy

Diego ‘El Cigala’ is looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with the legendary artist Luis Miguel. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting musical journey!


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