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Migbelis Castellanos, Radiant with Love, Publicly Affirms Her Relationship with Boyfriend

After having several romances that did not prosper, last May Migbelis Castellanos announced that she was in a romantic relationship with a man of American origin named Jason Unanue, who lives in New York. Almost a year into their romance, the presenter does not hesitate to show how in love she is.

“He is obsessed with the arepa queen pepiada,” Castellanos mentioned in a story on his Instagram account. “And I’m obsessed with him.”

This message was written in a video where you can see the boyfriend of the winner of Our Latin Beauty, sitting in front of a small table with what appears to be food packaging; He is very busy checking something on his cell phone. He then looks at his girlfriend attentively and smiles.

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According to what is known, the brand new groom is a successful businessman who works at a major food company called Goya Foods, where he carries out brand development, packaging and sales. “I am a hard-working, detail-oriented person with solid interpersonal skills who enjoys helping others and solving problems,” he mentioned on the professional social network LinkedIn.

It should be noted that the host of the program Unequal she has fought to show that she has talent and does not just want to be classified by her beauty or appearance. She was even a victim of accusations when she was overweight; For this reason, she has fought so that people are not discriminated against because of their physical appearance to avoid what she experienced.

Now, Migbelis Castellanos is enjoying a great personal and professional moment; Above all, she enjoys love with Jason Unanue.

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