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Mijares and Lucerito engage in heated on-stage argument during ‘Voice Game’ on Univision

Mijares and his daughter Lucerito were caught in a heated argument on stage during the Voice Game competition. The incident quickly went viral, grabbing the attention of many viewers.

At the premiere of the show Juego de Voces, memes started circulating applauding Lucero Mijares for her performance. Her talent and charisma captured the audience’s hearts.

Performing in the style of Tina Turner, Lucerito Mijares wowed fans of ‘Juego de Voces’ with her powerful vocals and stage presence. Many were impressed by her talent and stage presence.

The young singer surpassed her famous father, Mijares, during a live performance, proving that talent can sometimes outweigh experience. Fans were left in awe of her skills and confidence on stage.

Fans showered Lucerito Mijares with praise for her exceptional singing and piano playing abilities. Many commended her talent and predicted a bright future ahead for the young artist.

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