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Milett Figueroa Announces Return Date to Argentina to Meet Marcelo Tinelli Again

The Peruvian model Milett Figueroa announced her upcoming return to Argentina, where she plans to reunite with the Argentine host Marcelo Tinelli. In a conversation with Maria Pia Copello, Figueroa shared details about her trip back to the South American country.

Figueroa, who has been promoting her film ‘Vampires,’ recently revealed her plans to meet Tinelli upon her arrival in Argentina. This meeting holds significance as Tinelli had just returned to Argentina after a family trip to Europe.

The model, currently residing in Argentina for work, expressed a special affection for the country where she feels welcomed. She also mentioned her love for Peru, her homeland, where she spent time with her family and enjoyed local cuisine.

The relationship between Figueroa and Tinelli has been a topic of media interest, with rumors circulating about their alleged breakup. Despite not sharing posts together on social media, the couple has maintained a private stance on their relationship.

Even though Figueroa did not spend Tinelli’s birthday with him, opting to travel to Spain instead, she emphasized that their relationship remains strong. Both Figueroa and Tinelli prefer to keep their private lives out of the spotlight.

In response to the speculations about their relationship, Figueroa clarified that they are both focused on their individual commitments and respect each other’s space. She emphasized the stability of their relationship despite not always being physically together.

Figuerroa mentioned that her trip to Argentina is scheduled for April 15, where she will reunite with Tinelli after a period of separation due to their professional obligations. She expressed happiness about her time in Peru but highlighted her life and work in Argentina as her main focus.

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