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Moving Dedication from Gastón Pauls to Muna and Agustina Cherri for the 15th Party: “I Love Them”

At the middle of March Muna Pauls Cherri turned 15 years old and her celebration took place last Friday, April 5, when the daughter of Gaston Pauls y Agustina Cherri She was the protagonist of a great party organized in a room located in the Buenos Aires city of Tigre. The celebration featured special shows in which the honoree herself gave one of her most emotional moments.

That being the case, and after a few days of processing the moments, the actor published a heartfelt letter dedicated to his family along with some postcards of what he experienced. “A few days ago we celebrated something more than Muna’s 15th birthday. We celebrate the meeting, friends, family, health. We celebrate life. And there we are, the 4″he began by saying to refer to both the birthday girl and her ex-partner and also to Needhis second son.

“Accompanying us, loving us through time and the strange and wonderful ways it has to transform everything. I will never stop thanking you for so much love. Without you nothing would be possible,” Pauls emphasized.

“Muni continued to fill our lives with music. We love you. “Muna, Nilo and Agus I LOVE YOU”, he closed the writing in which he also thanked those who dressed him for the occasion, the stylists, the photographer who captured the moments of happiness of the party and also to Claudia Villafañeas the organizer of the party.

The celebration had several outdoor living rooms as well as inside the premises, as well as high tables and cafeteria-type tables and was organized by Diego Armando Maradona’s ex-wife, who is a close friend of the actors and was in charge of all the details so that everything is as the teenager dreamed.

At the party, Muna had two changes of looks from the designer María Gorof, a long, white dress with sleeves in which she arrived at her party and another short one, with fringes and glitter in the same tone, so she could dance and enjoy with greater comfort at night. Agustina also chose the same designer, but in her role as the birthday girl’s mother, she opted for one in black with pure neckline and transparencies.

The menu that Muna’s guests had, who is vegan and an activist for animal rights, sought to be faithful to the honoree and included all kinds of delicacies free of meat and animal derivatives. A search by the teenager so that her party is a reflection of her personality. Of course, her famous parents shared the young woman’s happiness and were proud of the daughter they have from her. They both enjoyed the dance floor and when it was time to blow out the candles, they excitedly accompanied Muna.

However, the big star of the night was the teenager and all her musical talent. The actors’ daughter starred in several shows during the night. The first was her when she arrived at the room, where she created a very intimate moment by appearing behind some screens singing a ballad accompanied by a live band of strings and winds that set the tone of the evening.

Music had a great role and on several occasions Muna took the microphone to show off his talent, which he perfected at a musical comedy school in New York. But she was not alone. Two luxury guests performed a duet with the teenager. First was Fabiana Cantilo who performed with her “Continue living without your love” by Luis Alberto Spinetta, surprising all the guests.

Another artist who appeared with the actors’ daughter was Benjamin Amadeo, who sang along with the teenager “11 y 6” by Fito Páez. One more moment where the art and talent of the young woman, who breaks it on the networks, was once again the center. Among the celebrities who were present were Marcela Kloosterboer, a close friend of Agustina since her childhood; Nicolas Paulsthe birthday girl’s uncle, and Lali Gonzalezalso a friend of the actress since they starred together The 1-5/18. “Happy birthday, Muna. We love you very much,” wrote Anita Pauls, while she shared the moment that the young woman blew out the candle on a huge two-story cake with natural flowers and petals.

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