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Mtg Wilds Of Eldraine Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mtg Wilds Of Eldraine Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mtg Wilds Of Eldraine Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mtg Wilds Of Eldraine Release Date Updates and Other Details

In 2023, Magic: The Gathering introduced its third Standard set of the year, transporting players to the enchanting realm of Wilds of Eldraine. This set marked a departure from the previous visit in 2019, which blended elements of classic fairy tales with Arthurian lore. The latest journey, Wilds of Eldraine, eschews the regal themes of Camelot, opting instead for a deeper exploration of its mystical forests and the fantastical denizens within.

Distinctly, Wilds of Eldraine breaks away from the overarching Phyrexian narrative that had dominated the preceding four sets, starting with Dominaria United and concluding with March of the Machine and its Aftermath in April 2023. This shift was a refreshing change for many players, offering a set free from the saga’s mechanized menace.

Release and Availability

The global tabletop release of MTG Wilds of Eldraine was set for September 8, 2023. However, enthusiasts of the digital format were treated to an earlier release on MTG Arena, which went live on September 5, 2023. Leading up to the release, the community was abuzz with anticipation as spoilers began circulating as early as August 15, paving the way for prerelease events that ran from September 1 to September 7.

Exploring the Cards of Wilds of Eldraine

Wilds of Eldraine boasts a rich assortment of 266 regular cards along with an additional 63 cards in its Enchanting Tales series, which revisits iconic enchantment cards. The set features a whimsical twist on classic fairy tales through characters like the Goosemother and the gummy worm-slicing Gretel. Among the standout cards are the Moonshaker Cavalry, reminiscent of the White Craterhoof Behemoth, and the ‘Restless’ cycle of creature lands, which have made significant impacts in top MTG Arena decks.

The set also introduced a new Ashiok planeswalker card, revealed during Barcelona MagicCon on July 28, alongside a plethora of Enchanting Tales reprints with special treatments. This unveiling was part of a broader showcase that included a variety of new cards and stunning artwork, drawing from a rich tapestry of new and reimagined fairy tale characters.

Narrative and Themes

The narrative of Wilds of Eldraine shifts away from the regal courts to focus more on the untamed, mystical wilds of the plane. This set tells a story of tragedy and heroism following the fall of the knightly courts during a catastrophic invasion. The tale centers around the newly orphaned heirs, Will and Rowan Kenrith, who find themselves on divergent paths amidst their plane’s turmoil. The storyline introduces a magical sleep, unleashed to combat the Phyrexians, which now presents a new threat under the manipulation of the nightmare beast Ashiok.

Commander Decks and Gameplay

The Wilds of Eldraine Commander decks, namely Fae Dominion and Virtue and Valor, offer players powerful new strategies and mechanics. Fae Dominion focuses on controlling gameplay with Faeries, while Virtue and Valor introduces the new Role mechanic, enhancing creatures with auras to prepare them for battle. These decks provide both new and seasoned players with fresh and engaging ways to experience the game.

Collectible Aspects and Promotions

Wilds of Eldraine is not just about gameplay; it also offers a variety of collectible features including alternate card frames, traditional foil versions, and Storybook showcase cards. The set’s promotional strategy included several unique offerings such as prerelease stamped cards, seasonal dark-frame promos, and a variety of event-specific promotional cards, enriching the collecting experience.


MTG Wilds of Eldraine has successfully captured the hearts of players with its enchanting themes and innovative gameplay features. Whether you are a collector, a lore enthusiast, or a competitive player, this set offers something unique for everyone, making it a memorable addition to the Magic: The Gathering universe.


  • When was MTG Wilds of Eldraine released?
    It was released on September 8, 2023, with an early digital release on September 5, 2023, on MTG Arena.
  • What are some of the standout cards in Wilds of Eldraine?
    Notable cards include Moonshaker Cavalry and the ‘Restless’ cycle of creature lands.
  • What themes does Wilds of Eldraine explore?
    The set delves into fairy tales, moving away from the Arthurian themes of its predecessor.
  • Are there any new mechanics introduced in this set?
    Yes, the set introduces new mechanics such as the Role mechanic in the Commander decks.
  • How can I obtain promotional cards from this set?
    Promotional cards were available through prerelease events, store championships, and other special promotions.

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