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Nacho Figueras Reflects on Close Friendship with Prince Harry: “He’s Always on My Mind”

Nacho Figueras, known for his close friendship with Prince Harry, shared details about his relationship with the Duke of Sussex during an interview at the Sentebale Polo Cup. Figueras emphasized the importance of staying in regular contact, expressing that despite physical distances, their friendship always feels close. He also mentioned that he often thinks about Prince Harry.

The Sentebale Polo Cup not only brings friends together but also supports a charitable cause. Figueras highlighted the value of combining his love for polo with helping Sentebale, an organization founded by Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho that works for the well-being of youth in Southern Africa.

Recognized worldwide as a renowned Argentine polo player and model, Nacho Figueras is known for being the face of Polo Ralph Lauren. He revealed details about a new Prince Harry project focusing on professional polo, which Netflix has already begun to produce. Figueras confirmed his participation in the documentary series to showcase the challenging aspects of the sport.

The documentary aims to provide an intimate view of competitive polo, with Prince Harry leading the project due to his passion and knowledge of the sport. Filmed primarily during the US Open Polo Championship, it promises to explore the effort and sacrifice required to excel in polo.

Harry and Meghan’s collaboration with Netflix extends to a series focusing on Meghan’s passion for cooking, led by Michael Steed. The project aims to explore cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship, guided by Meghan to celebrate the joys of these activities.

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