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New Frozen Area, Avengers Campus Remodel, and More Enhancements Coming Soon

Since its founding in 1992, Disneyland Paris has become a beloved destination for fans of Disney characters and films. However, the Walt Disney Studios Park, one of the smaller parks within the resort, is set to undergo a major renovation and rebranding in order to enhance the guest experience.

According to Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris, the goal of this transformation is to provide unique adventures in immersive worlds that complement the offerings of Disneyland Park. The official announcement states that 90% of the park will be modified to achieve this vision.

The upcoming expansion includes the addition of new zones and themed areas, featuring attractions from popular Disney franchises such as Pixar World and Marvel Avengers Campus. This renovation is set to begin in spring 2025.

The park will receive a new entrance and main avenue, paying tribute to Disney’s iconic franchises with settings inspired by their famous films. One of the new attractions currently under construction is World of Frozen, inspired by Elsa and Anna from the hit movie.

In addition to the physical changes, the park will also undergo a name change, from Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World. This rebranding aims to offer more immersive experiences to visitors through its attractions.

New night shows inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Marvel’s Avengers will be added to the park’s entertainment lineup. Family-friendly attractions, such as a new version of the classic rotating cups ride inspired by ‘Tangled,’ are also in the works.

With these changes, Disneyland Paris hopes to revitalize its image and improve its ratings, aiming to no longer be considered one of the Disney parks with the lowest rankings globally.

Photo by mtsjrdl on Unsplash

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