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New Netflix Film Promises Sensuality and Adventure, Encouraging Viewers to Step out of Their Comfort Zones

Netflix is known as one of the most comprehensive streaming platforms with a wide variety of movies and series. Among the genres that tend to be more successful among subscribers are the erotic or “racy” ones. One irreverent title in this genre, full of sensuality and ideal for those looking to explore new things, is the movie “Happy Ending.”

By: Chronicle

“Happy Ending” is a Dutch drama available on Netflix that mixes romance with eroticism and a bit of humor. It has been classified as an “irreverent, sensual, and intimate” film.

Netflix: What is “Happy Ending” about?

The official Netflix synopsis describes the movie as follows: “Luna and Mink have been happily married for a year. But their bond is tested when she suggests including a third person in their sex life.”

You can find more information about this movie on Chronicle.

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