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Pamela Lopez Attends Karol G’s Concert, Raises Speculation with Songs Dedicated to Soccer Star Husband Christian Cueva

Pamela Lopez, the wife of Christian Cueva, has once again made headlines in the last few hours. The mother of ‘Aladdin’s’ children was spotted at a concert by Karol G at the National Stadium in Lima, and her actions have sparked discussions on social media. During the concert, she was seen singing along to songs with lyrics that allude to infidelity and heartbreak, creating quite a stir. Here are all the details.

In photos shared by “Instarándula”, Lopez was captured singing Karol G’s songs that included lyrics such as: “It will be because you are with someone else, pretending that you can love another”, “And although I act as if nothing happened, baby How bitter it makes me to know that now you are hesitating with another. On the outside I laugh, but on the inside I am broken.”

In light of this, social media users were quick to relate these songs to Lopez’s experiences with Cueva. Comments like “It’s definitely for Cueva”, “You can see that Cueva has made him suffer”, and “He’s having a great time, but he can’t forget Cueva” flooded the internet.

On a February 20, 2024 episode of “Magaly TV La Firme”, Claudia Zumaeta, Pamela Lopez’s lawyer, revealed that she had arranged a meeting with Lopez to discuss their ongoing divorce proceedings with the footballer. However, Lopez unexpectedly decided to embark on a trip to Europe and ceased communication with her lawyer, leading to the conclusion that the divorce proceedings would not proceed as planned.

During an appearance on ‘América Hoy’, Jossmery Toledo addressed the topic of infidelity in Peruvian entertainment and specifically mentioned Pamela Lopez and her potential forgiveness of Christian Cueva. Toledo emphasized that she would never forgive infidelity and advised other wives of players to be financially independent, highlighting the importance of self-sufficiency.

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