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Paris Hilton Excluded from VIP Party Over Taylor Swift and Boyfriend’s Entrance

Paris Hilton is a well-known personality who always shines at any party she attends. However, at a recent event at Neon Carnival, after the Coachella festival, she was unexpectedly escorted out of the VIP area by security guards.

On Saturday night, the 43-year-old socialite was enjoying herself with her husband, Carter Reum, and friends in an exclusive area near the stage during Anderson .Paak’s performance. Hilton was seen dancing with Real Housewives star Kyle Richards and Lauren Sanchez, the girlfriend of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Around 2 a.m., security took action to clear the VIP area for the arrival of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who were given special treatment. Hilton and other guests were quickly moved to make space for the new arrivals.

An eyewitness described the moment, saying, “About 20 people were suddenly removed from the area to make way for an important arrival. Security guards began preparing the tables as they entered a dark VIP bar area, fully aware that their time was limited.” The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the new guests made their entrance.

Furthermore, the eyewitness revealed more details, stating, “It was obvious that a high-profile celebrity was about to arrive. When Travis entered the area alone, few noticed at first. Taylor later joined him with Ice Spice and some of their crew, but it took a while for the crowd to realize she was in the VIP section.”

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