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Paty Cantú reveals the date of her ‘funeral’? What’s going on!?

Paty Cantú caused a commotion on digital platforms by revealing what initially seemed to be the announcement of his own funeral. However, it turned out to be a publicity tactic for her next musical release, “Funeral 2.0.”

The situation was triggered by a video in which the Mexican singer raises the question of which of them is no longer present mentioning several artists and influencers such as Alexander Sanz, Maria Calf, Maria Jose, Lasso, and Ximena Sariñana.

Later, she shared another video displaying images of the previously mentioned figures, along with a text that expressed: “We were all present that night…But only one among us had to leave to be reborn. Welcome to my funeral ceremony.” – Paty Cantu

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This announcement took her followers by surprise, who initially believed that something serious had happened to the singer. Cantú is alive and ready to release new music on April 18, thus revealing that this event was only a preview of her next release. In addition to promising new music, the artist has generated intrigue and anticipation by sharing clues and previews.

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However, on social networks, the singer was highly criticized for using death as publicity for her career, as many believe it is not respectful toward those who are grieving. Comments on networks surrounding the ‘funeral’ of Paty Cantú reflect these sentiments.

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