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Peter Mcneeley Net Worth

Peter Mcneeley Net Worth

Peter McNeeley’s Net Worth and Boxing Career

Peter McNeeley: A Glimpse into the Net Worth and Career of the “Hurricane”

Peter McNeeley, often remembered for his brief but dramatic encounter with Mike Tyson in 1995, has had a career that’s both intriguing and tumultuous. Born on October 6, 1968, in Medfield, Massachusetts, McNeeley grew up in a family deeply rooted in boxing. His father, Tom McNeeley, was a heavyweight contender who once faced Floyd Patterson for the world heavyweight championship. This familial legacy set the stage for McNeeley’s own entry into the world of boxing.

Early Life and Amateur Boxing

From an early age, McNeeley was immersed in the boxing environment, which was further enriched by his grandfather, Thomas McNeeley Sr., a New England boxing champion and a member of the 1928 Olympic boxing team. McNeeley’s amateur career was marked by significant achievements, including winning the New England Golden Gloves in 1989. His amateur record stood at 15 wins and 6 losses, a testament to his early promise in the sport.

Professional Boxing Career

Transitioning to professional boxing, McNeeley quickly made a name for himself with an aggressive fighting style, earning him the nickname “Hurricane.” His professional record is notable with 47 wins, 36 of which came by knockout, and 7 losses. However, it was his fight against Mike Tyson on August 19, 1995, that catapulted McNeeley into the global spotlight. Despite the fight lasting only 89 seconds with McNeeley being disqualified after his manager stepped into the ring, it remains one of the most talked-about moments in boxing history.

Challenges and Controversies

McNeeley’s life outside the ring has been fraught with challenges, including multiple arrests related to assault and robbery. These incidents have overshadowed his sporting achievements to some extent and have had implications for his personal and financial life. Despite these setbacks, McNeeley’s name remains etched in the annals of boxing history, primarily due to his spirited albeit short-lived confrontation with Tyson.

Net Worth and Financial Struggles

While exact figures are difficult to ascertain, Peter McNeeley’s net worth has undoubtedly been affected by his legal troubles and inconsistent career trajectory post-Tyson fight. At the height of his career, the fight against Tyson alone was speculated to have earned him a substantial purse, contributing significantly to his financial standing at the time. However, his subsequent life choices and legal issues might have eroded a significant portion of his wealth.

Legacy and Current Life

Today, McNeeley’s legacy in boxing is a mixed narrative of rapid rise and equally swift challenges. His life story is a poignant reminder of the highs and lows that professional athletes often face. Currently, McNeeley’s public appearances are rare, and he lives a relatively low-profile life compared to his days in the limelight. His journey serves as a compelling chapter in the history of heavyweight boxing, marked by a brief moment when he stood toe-to-toe with one of the greatest boxers of all time.


What is Peter McNeeley’s most famous fight?
Peter McNeeley is best known for his 1995 fight against Mike Tyson, which was Tyson’s comeback match after serving a prison sentence.

How long did the McNeeley vs. Tyson fight last?
The fight lasted only 89 seconds. McNeeley was disqualified after his manager entered the ring following two quick knockdowns by Tyson.

What was Peter McNeeley’s professional boxing record?
Peter McNeeley’s professional record includes 54 fights, with 47 wins (36 by knockout) and 7 losses.

Has Peter McNeeley faced legal issues?
Yes, McNeeley has had multiple run-ins with the law, including charges related to assault, robbery, and driving the getaway car in a robbery.

What is Peter McNeeley’s net worth?
While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is known that McNeeley’s financial situation has been impacted by various personal and legal challenges.

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